Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our baby girls name popularity and a gift!

The Social Security Administration released their name popularity listings for last year. Here is where Miss Finley's ranked.

While her name has gone up at least 100 spots a year (for Females in the US) over the past four years I don't see it making top 100 any time soon ;) Let's hope not at least!

In Europe, where it originated way back, it's considered a male name. It's only begun to be used more often in this country. Here in the U.S the male category for Finley was about 200 spots behind the female one, showing that the majority of Finley's in the U.S are female, not male. I've always loved unisex names. I just find it funny how in different countries the same name is associated so differently. While I don't think it's a terribly feminine name (although some), I definitely don't see it being masculine at all. Hence the term unisex ;) Plus paired with Lynn as her middle name it's obvious for teachers and such. I've always gone with my full name on documents, legal things and school stuff rather than just using a middle initial. I think with more original names it gives the individual the opportunity to "own it" and I really like that aspect. Although used for a girl, I totally see it as becoming a very feminine feeling name once it really starts to "fit".

I really do love our name choice for Finley and I hope she does too. I feel like it fits her already. Joe and I have never been big fans of picking a common name and we think this one is just perfect. Her Daddy was set on it the second he heard it and there really was no turning back!

I wasn't surprised that the top 20 rankings didn't change much over the past two years. Notice those top two are Twilight names. I think it's just a coincidence though!


Speaking of her name, I wanted to share something. My friend Beth stopped by to visit this afternoon and I got to finally meet her new baby girl and Finley's future friend, Rylee! She is adorable! Beth came baring gifts for Finley and I just have to share. Aren't they too cute? I love them! They even match her room. For anyone interested, Beth gave me the Etsy link to the lady that makes them.


  1. We are naming our little one Isabella. We had no idea it was the number one girl name. Oh and it had nothing to do with Twilight, neither of us have ever seen it. We just love the name.

  2. Same with our niece. She's Bella and it has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight.

  3. Are those by Birdie Baby Boutique??? If they are.... go look at my album on my FB page titled Mason, Mitchel, & Molly - Molly's 3 months, but I just used them in a photo! They're so cute!

  4. That's where! We can use them in her newborn pics!

  5. I just love her name! I think it's beautiful. those blocks are too cute!

  6. I am a huge fan of different names! I love her name and as I got older I grew to love mine!